Note 4/20/17: Due to circumstances I have had to move my web pages here.

This page illustrates CCM encryption mode

I have decided to not allow the key to changed to reduce the chance of this page being used to solve homework problems

Encrypting: Enter the authenticated data and encrypted/authenticated data into the appropriate text boxes, and set the length fields appropriately. Press the encrypt button, and the encrypted message and MAC will be put into the appropriate areas.

Decrypting: Enter the authenticated data, encrypted message, and encrypted MAC values into the appropriate boxes (note the encrypted message and MAC boxes are below the encrypt/decrypte buttons). Set length fields appropriately, and press the decrypt button.

Authenticated Only Plaintext:
ASCII     Hexadecimal
Encrypted/Authenticated Plaintext:
ASCII     Hexadecimal
Authentication Field Length
Message Length Field Length
Encrypted MAC:


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